Does the paint come off of the clothes?
Yes.  It is not really paint, but a biodegradable and water soluble product.
This means that your clothing will be clean after a good wash.

Does it hurts when I get hit?
It's not too bad. It's rather the scare of the impact.
After a few seconds you don't feel it anymore.

How do you recognize the other team?
Each team has his own color of coverall and protection mask (see equipment).

Am I sufficiently insured?
We have the necessary civil liability inssurance.
This means that you're insured for the accident whose cause is our fault.
However, if you run and you twist your ankle, you(re not insured.

How long in advance should I make a reservation?
This is depending on the period when you want to book (midweek or weekend).
We recommend to do this 2 to 3 weeks in advance (especialy for the weekend), to be sure there is still place left.
If you try only a few days up front and it is still possible, we will certainly accept your reservation.

Do we play agains others, strangers?
No. The field will always be exclusive for your group.

Do I need to order extra paintballs in advance?
No. You can order them between the games.

Can non-participants follow the game?
Yes, the can watch from behind the safety netting.

Can we have some of the advance back if we are with less?

  If you are still with the minimum required persons, advance can be given back.
  If you are with less then the minimum required persons, we will keep the advance as

Can we take a shower after the game?
Currently only indoor in Merchtem you are free tu use the shower.

Can we bring our own paintballs?
No. When you visit the pub, you don't take your own beer neither!