42 €  per person   (from 10:00 to 17:00)      

36 €  per person   (max. 4 hours of your choice)


Minimum 14 persons  

What does this include:

  • rental of the field (exclusive for your group)
  • rental of a paintballmarker
  • rental of a safety mask
  • rental of the clothing (except footwear)
  • air fills
  • 100 paintballs
  • guidance
  • Civil liability insurrance

Extra paintballs : 8 € per 100 pieces

School package:

For school activities (last 100 days or sportsdays) we give a discount of 4 euro per person, on the condition that it takes place on a schoolday and unther the supervision of a teacher.


An advance of 20 euro per person (always for min. 14 persons) must be paid into the bank account BE27 7360 2266 9873 (KBC), two weeks before the game (including name, field and date).

For locations, click here

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