Paintball is an indoor and outdoor sport without physical contact for men, women, young and old (minimum aged 13). It is based on simple games such as capture a fortress, tag, hode, etc. with the difference that the game was developed for adults.

The aim of this adventure and action game is to put an opponent out with paintballs. Two teams fight each other within a certain period of time according to a single game plan, such as capture the flag in the other camp while defending its own flag (this is just one of many possible games).

During the game you eliminate your opponent by marking him with a paintspot ("splash" in the paintball jargon). If you are hit by a hostile paintball, you must leave the game, but may play immediately the next game. Obviously, there are expert marshals (referees) present during the game to check the safety and keep the score.

Paintball containes both competive and creative elements.

Each player receives a quality eguipment. This includes protection clothing, goggles and a paintballmarker.
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